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SourceTangshannews    Updated2021-01-19 19:45:07


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  The election of Ekrem Imamoglu helps to keep Turkish democracy alive by offering voters an alternative to AKP PArty and Mr. Erdogan. Unlike  other politicians from the CHP opposition Party, Mr. Imamoglu was able to reach out to mainstream voters in Istanbul, a city of 16 million, where Mr. Erdogan began his effort to offer an alternative in the Turkish politics of the time dominated by the military and the CHP. Imamoglu reaches out to pious AKP voters and to working class voters in a way that other CHP politicians have not. Imamoglu  says " Lots of AKP voters asked me why I wasn't running for  their party instead. They were pleased when I asked for their prayers rather than their votes. I don't believe the public accepts divisive rhetoric and discriminatory policies." About the populist sentiment that Erdogan aroused in Turkey during the last decade to provide more inclusive atmosphere, Imamoglu says- "Populism has the upper hand in the world at the moment but it will end eventually.  Treating people with respect always wins out."

  Imamoglu's  family is in the construction business and he entered politics in an effort to reduce the red tape facing business, and became mayor of the middle class district of Beylikduzu district in the 2014 elections.


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