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牛津9A Unit5 Task作业纸 班级 学号 姓名 等第____________ 【基础巩固】 一、根据所给汉语提示写出正确的单词: 1. —What art form do you like best, Andy? 一  (文学). 2. Don't pay attention to the (污点)in that piece of paper. 3. Jim’s teachers  are full of (表扬)for his great progress. 4. Jack got a model car as his l0th birthday (礼物). 5. Could you help me (混合)the paint with water? 6. Tan Dun is not only a musician but also a ___________ (作曲家). 7. The performance __________ (持续) nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre. 8. You should be more careful when__________ (控制)the machine. 二、单项选择: ( )1. Listen, the wind is blowing . A. more and more hardly B. harder and  harder C. heavier and heavier D. heavily and heavily ( )2. Millie once didn't like dancing she couldn't dance very well. A. since B. as C. because D. for ( )3. Keep trying, ___ _____you'1l be successful one day. A. or B. so C. but D. And ( )4. Linda took the brush away, ________she dropped some paint onto the paper. A. Since B. As C. Because D. For ( )5. My daughter to bed she finished the homework last night. A. went; until B. didn't go; until C. went; before D. doesn't go; before ( )6.What bad weather it is! We decided . A .to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. going out ( )7. He can improve his Chinese _________ practicing more.  A. by B. with C. of D. on  ( )8. Rather than ________to school by bus, he preferred ________a bike. A. to go; to ride B. go; riding C. going; to ride D. go; to ride ( )9. You are young girls, so you’d better________ after 11 o’clock in the evening. A. to go out B. not  to go out C. not go out D. don’t go out ( )10. At last, the girl was made and began to do her homework. A. stop listening to music B. to stop to listen to music C. to stop listening to music D. stop to listen to music 【拓展延伸】 完形填空: Where did you go yesterday? Did you hear music at any of those places? Today most stores and restaurants play music. You might 1 hear  music in an office or on a farm. Scientists believe that music changes the 2 people behave. According to some scientists, the sound of western classical music makes people 3 richer. When a  restaurant plays classical music, people spend 4 money on food and drinks. When the restaurant plays 5 music, people spend less money. With 6 music, people spend even less. Scientists also believe that loud,  fast music makes people eat faster. In fact people eat their food faster when the music gets faster. Some restaurants play fast music during their 7 hours. This gets people to eat faster and leave more 8  . In this way, Restaurants can make more money. Some scientists think that music makes you think and learn better. They say that music helps students to be more active. It is true that people learn better when  they are 9 . And listening to music can help you relax. Be 10 next time you hear music somewhere, because it might change the way you do things. ( )1. A. already B. even C. Hardly D. never ( )2. A. way B. time C. idea D. place ( )3. A. become B. get C. feel  D. look ( )4. A. much B. more C. little D.  less ( )5. A. pop B. modern C. light D. country ( )6. A. no B. much C. any D. some ( )7. A. free B. busy C. happy D. sad ( )8. A. slowly B. quickly C. quietly D. carefully ( )9. A. excited B. interested C. confident D. relaxed ( )10.A. quiet B. quick C. happy D. careful 2 015年12月16日19:58:16 没有相关文章 牛津9A Unit5 Task作业纸 )

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