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Turkish voters went to the polls for a  second time to vote for the mayor of Istanbul.  For the second time, they voted against the party of Tayyip Erdogan. He is  the  president of Turkey. The peoples¡¯ candidate was Ekrem Imamoglu. He is the landslide winner of the mayoral election redo. He won against Binali Yildirim, Mr. Erdogan¡¯s candidate. Erdogan seized power for himself in the last election for  president. A country that had been a democracy was fast becoming a nation ruled by an autocrat. One who was pushing  Islamic laws. The recent loss was a stinging one for Mr. Erdogan. Istanbul is his hometown. His party dominated the city government  for 25 years.  The loss reflected voters¡¯ anger over his  decision to pursue a new vote. There was frustration over a weakening  economy. ¡°Earthquake at the ballot box¡± ran the front-page headline of one  newspaper. ¡°Slap of the people¡±  a  leftist newspaper announced on its  front page. ¡°Istanbul made its choice¡± ran the headlines in three main pro-government  newspapers. The opposition party now controls five of the six biggest cities in the country. The Istanbul mayor¡¯s race may not seem important. But  Erdogan¡¯s party has relied on financing from supporters in the business world. Many companies  benefited from Istanbul¡¯s municipal contracts.  The new mayor will be able to see records that might be embarrassing  to President Erdogan. The big problem in Turkey is the economy. Erdogan has been spending on big projects and the corruption that goes with the spending. Where does he go from  here? First, he has  to deal with Trump over the  purchase of the Russian S4 00 missile system. The U.S. threatened sanctions over the sale. Erdogan has to find a way to show he has the  power to buy from Russia and to get  Trump not to impose sanctions. Erdogan fired, purged and arrested tens of thousands of people  since a failed coup in 2 016. To win over the support of Europe, he would  have to release some of the political prisoners. Parties that  lose power look within to see why things went bad. Blame is everywhere.  One insider said the  self-interest of Erdogan's supporters hurt them. ¡°They did such vile things as they considered everything permissible for their  small interests. They stained a huge community¡¯s religion,  cause, and faith. This is the real thing we should be enraged about. Losing Istanbul is small in comparison  to that.¡± Erdogan suppressed a revolt by the army. He has used his powers in  ways that  made many voters unhappy. He gained greater  powers to run the government. He promoted economic growth  at the expense of the economy. Finally, the people had a chance to vote against  his leadership. It did not matter that it was a local  election. They voted against Erdogan. The world will now see how a person who has little use for democracy deals with the will of  the people. Source: The New York Times June 24, 2019 )

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