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A recent federal task  force recommended  that  undocumented migrants with no major crimes on their records  should not face deportation when stopped for minor traffic violations.  They said the  main goal of the program was to deport serious  criminals including those  driving while drunk. As a result, the Immigration  and  Customs Enforcement  agency (known as ICE)  is changing its program  for undocumented migrants  charged with only minor traffic violations. ICE  now will only place a ¡°detainer¡± on minor  violators. This means ICE believes   that deportation  action will not be an ¡°efficient use of government  resources.¡±  Such undocumented immigrants stopped  by  police will not be taken into ?custody  Concerns have  been  raised about local police applying the program in a consistent    manner. Several states have resisted enforcing the Secure   Communities Program because  of opposition from immigrant  groups. The  New York Times )

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