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Brazil  is in the middle of a?crisis?Their problem is how to  pay for everything. Brazil  and other countries such as France are social welfare states. Their policies tend to  support workers. It does not matter if the workers are in the government or in the private sector. This approach works when times are  good. Brazil faces two challenges. First, the economy of the country is in poor shape. A weak economy means less money is going   into  private companies  and the government. After the Great Recession of 2008, recovery was different  in different countries. But debts to pensioner¡¯ s and salaries to workers are due and owing. Work rules make it hard to lay-off workers. The problems  of pensions and salaries contribute to the great crisis in Brazil now. The grumbling is not just about money. It is not just about corruption in the government. It is about the state of affairs in the  country. Brazil  is losing thousands  of jobs?a day. States are  having trouble paying police officers and teachers. The Brazilian  government has chosen austerity. The Brazilian workers  have chosen  to strike. A general strike last Friday disrupted  much of the country. Protesters blocked highways. They halted much of the public transit network. They shut down access to many public buildings. Not   everyone is suffering. Some civil servants are?getting a 41 percent raise. Legislators in S?o Paulo  gave themselves a 26 percent raise.  Congress wants to cut pension benefits.  It is now letting it members retire with  lifelong pensions after?just two years in office. The Brazilian president is Michel Temer. He said the country has to cut public spending. Then he held a?lavish taxpayer-funded banquet. He tried to persuade members of Congress to support his proposed  budget cuts.  The 300 guests were eating shrimp and filet mignon. Some  experts say Brazil must cut its spending  to the bone.  But how much and who should get hurt? For example, education would be among the first to  suffer. And that could set Brazil back for decades. Brazil is not Venezuela by any means. But Brazilians are angry. The Brazilian government is under siege. Source:  The New York Times April 28, 2017 )

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