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A suicide bomber  drove a truck loaded with explosives into an Afghan intelligence compound. It killed dozens of people.  Members  of the Afghan police and army have been dying in record numbers. The attack showed how strong  the Taliban is. The Afghan intelligence units are better trained than the Afghan police and army. American  C.I.A. advisors train them. The units then train members of local Afghan militias to carry the fight to the  Taliban. There is a reason for this   attack on the intelligence compound. The Taliban and the U.S. are  preparing for cease-fire talks. Each side believes it has a stronger hand  when it shows how much damage it can do to the other. It is a cold winter in most parts of Afghanistan. America is trying to get the Taliban to sit down for talks with the Afghan government.?But violence continues?across the country. Fighting has been going on for seventeen years.?Post?9 /11, the U.S. went after the Afghan base of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. ?It drove al-Qaeda out of the country. The Taliban are long-time foes of the  Afghanistan government. They were not driven out but  continued to attack the government. America has increased  its efforts to defeat the Taliban. It has not yet been successful. Presidents Obama and Trump raised,  lowered, raised again and now may be lowering once more the number of American troops in the country. Fighting can go on  forever. Ending the war with peace is the only way out. The current  American envoy to Afghanistan is an optimist. He shuttles between Afghanistan  and Pakistan where  Taliban leaders are safe. He said, ¡°We are heading in the right direction.¡± He went on ¡°with more steps by Pakistan coming that will lead to concrete results.¡± The Taliban put out a statement hours after the attack on the Afghan  compound.  It said they had resumed talks with American diplomats in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The talks  had seemed stalled for weeks. An expert said the year ahead is likely to be with violence and talks  going hand in hand. The talks are between the Taliban and the Americans. Afghan officials feel left out. The  Taliban have said they want American troops out of the country. They also want the release of Taliban prisoners. They  say that will  lead to peace talks with the Afghans. The same expert said, ¡°Both  sides are serious, and there is progress.  The talks have turned into a process,  and there is a chain of events.¡± He continued, ¡°Both sides have demands before that cease-fire. It looks like until then they will try to use military pressure to gain more.¡± Source: The New York Times January 21, 2019 )

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