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  This BBC Travel story about  mindfulness, a sort of meditation with nature, and getting close to nature as a sort of healing  inside, comes from the southern region of Western Australia, 360 kilometres southeast  of Perth. It could have come from native peoples in America, Asia, Africa or other parts of the world. The author visits the Noorang people, part of the 750,000 native people who lived there when the first British settlers arrived there in 1788. Captain Cook had just landed there in 1770 as part of British Navy and Royal Society expedition on the ship HMS Endeavour. Today this is part of the Botany Bay National Park in the Sydney region of eastern Australia.

  The author visits the streams rivers and hills in the region near Perth as he undergoes a kind of spiritual  reconnection with nature. The less the vibration man has the more the mindfulness and  ability to connect with nature and the inner self, the author is shown as he lets things go  soaking himself in a river. Many native people's rituals and are ways to respect nature and  connect to it as to a mother.

  In India modern people relate to ancient civilization through yoga and spiritual writings from an earlier period. There too the idea of nature or rivers and mountains as spiritual and healing, strengthening of body and spirit can be seen. The Narmada river flowing from east to west across mountain ranges in India is seen as a spiritual mother just as rivers are in this story about native peoples in Australia's southern region south of Perth, western  Australia.


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